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Catholic Homeschool Kids blog is managed and written by 3 Catholic homeschool kid bloggers (and occasionally Mom or Dad 🙂 )

Mission: To help kids (and their parents) have the best homeschooling experience ever and help them to learn, love, and cherish their Catholic Faith.

This blog began when the sisters, then aged 8, 10, and 12 decided to start a blog for fun back in June 2013. They wanted to combine their love of Homeschooling, with all its perks, with their love of the Catholic Faith. Thus, Catholic Homeschool Kids was born!

Currently, the girls are in 4th, 6th, and 8th grades, respectively. Their mom has been homeschooling them from the very beginning.


The Catholic Homeschool Kids Team

3d girl with laptopMimi is a 13-year old 8th grader, and is an aspiring Business Woman / part-time scientist  and Music (especially Sacred Music). When she’s not managing this blog, you can find her learning how to program computers, traveling the world, reading lots of books, singing around the house, listening to Music, or watching the Seattle Seahawks during the football season with her dad. She knows that the Catholic Church was the one, true Church founded by Christ himself, and wants to bring others closer to him. Mimi also has a passion for educating others about the world of homeschooling, with all of its joys.

3d running girlFifi is a 10 year-old Book Worm who’s probably quietly engrossed in a book. When not reading, you can find her drawing massive attention to her proud middle-sister position by, singing, running, or jumping around. She has the most energy of the trio, and often keeps the other two on their toes with her liveliness. She LOVES books so much that one can sit 3 feet away from her face, making the weirdest faces, and she will pay no heed. Like her other two sisters, she also likes to sing around the house. Her favorite part about the Faith is that (provided that she is in a state of grace) she is guaranteed to go to heaven.

Gigi is the most persistent singer of the Trio. This 9 year-old often can be found singing one of her favorite songs, like “Good Night My Someone” or “Popular”, which are both from Broadway Musicals. The baby of the family, she also has the best conscience of the three sisters, and often asks “What are you doing?” when the older two are up to mischief. She takes after her older siblings and is an avid reader; her favorite book series right now is the Boxcar Children. She shows that she loves the Lord the most, and can occasionally be found reading His Word.

Here is the girls’ first post (ever!):

Welcome to Catholic Homeschool Kids.

My name is Mimi, and I am the oldest of 3 Sisters. We are Catholic Homeschooled Kids aged 8, 10, and 12 currently in the 4th, 6th, and 8th grades, respectively.

We have been homeschooled from the very beginning by our mom. We love homeschooling, with all its perks, and are looking forward to telling you all about our adventures on this blog. We will also be sharing some of the great resources / curriculum we use, as well as some fun, extra-curricular stuff.

As mentioned earlier, we are catholic homeschoolers.  Therefore we are also going to to be blogging about our Catholic faith, which we cherish and love. The Faith is amazing, and we are excited to be sharing our love of it with you. This will most likely entail posts about sacred music, church teachings, the Catechism, the Eucharist, on the Saints, etc.

At any time if you see something you like, please feel free to comment on our posts. Since we are just getting started, I’m not expecting to see any be getting comments any time soon. However, being that this is a blog entitled “Catholic Homeschool KIDS”, it would mean a ton to us if you left any feedback.

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