Vatican Express VBS – Day 1

Posted by on July 8, 2013

Catholic Vatican Express VBS Bus

Today we had our first day of The Vatican Express VBS. The virtue of the day was Charity, and the Saint of the Day was Pope St. Leo the Great.

At Music, the kids learned the Vatican Express VBS theme song, which begins like this:

Vatican Express VBS Theme Song (I’m Standing On the Rock):

I’m standin’ on the Rock!
The Universal Church of Jesus!
I’m standin’ on the Rock!
And I’m not gonna move!

It’s more catchy with music to it. 🙂

At Fun and Games,
they played Old Maid, only using cards that said stuff like “SOG – Servant of God”, “Holy Father” and “Viva il Papa”. The Old Maid was the card with a picture of a Swiss Guard on it.

(By the way, the name tags for the volunteers had the words “Swiss Guard” across the top, and the words “Guardian of the Faith” on the bottom, just underneath 2 crossed Swiss Guard lances. I thought it was very clever.)

At Crafts, they made “stained glass windows” of St. Peter. They did this by first coloring in a picture of him with crayons, then “painting” a small amount oil onto the coloring. The oil made the paper greasy, which in turn made it more see through. After “painting” the oil on, they put their stained-glass windows on some paper towels to dry. By tomorrow, the paper will be dry, and they will have a beautiful Stained-glass window of St. Peter, our 1st Pope.

Snack today was Goldfish and Grapes (the Goldfish are representing the fact hat Jesus said to Peter, “Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4: 19) Since one of the leaders of the Music station was on a break, she came in and taught us a song that is stuck in my head:

Jesus Was A Cool Dude ( To be sung to the tune of We Will Rock You)

Jesus was a cool dude,
Forty Days without food,
Living His life by the Golden Rule,
He put the the Devil in his place,
Amazing Grace,
Spreading God’s love all over the place.

We will, we will, Praise Him! Amen!
We will, we will Praise Him! Amen!

Fun, isn’t it? 😉

Finally, at the Faith station, they learned that Peter is the Rock of Christ and that the the Apostles have handed down their traditions from bishop to bishop, all the way from 33 A.D. until now, in 2013. They also learned that they need to pray for, respect,and love their Pope(s), since he (they) are in charge of the WHOLE church, and because he is the Vicar of Christ.

I can’t wait for another great day of the Vatican Express VBS!

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