Laetare! Rejoice!

Posted by on March 30, 2014

Happy Laetare Sunday everyone! But what exactly is Laetare Sunday?

Laetare Sunday – so named from the first words spoken in the Introit, Laetare Jerusalem (Rejoice, O Jersalem) – is the fourth Sunday in Lent, the middle Sunday. It was set aside to encourage us on the path of Lenten penance, as the Sunday on which the faithful were permitted to show restrained rejoicing, mingled with the usual Lenten penance. On this Sunday, as is the same on Gaudate Sunday during Advent, the vestments of the priest and deacon are pink rose, to contrast this Lenten Sunday from the others.

As you can guess, the vestments worn today are the favorites of every priest. 🙂 I think that they all appreciate that their Holy Mother Church calls this particular shade by its proper name (Rose), not the generic name (Pink). Every year, discussions will arise among their parishioners about it. Me, I agree that the vestments are definitely a hue of Rose; however, rose may  be considered a shade of pink. Therefore, in its most dumbed down sense, the vestments are pink. 😀

Anyways, all joking aside, I think that it is thoughtful of the Church to give us a Sunday on which we can be joyful, albeit a bit toned down joy. This way, we can make it through Lent without being too sad.

What do you think of Laetare Sunday? Also, what are your thoughts on Rose vs. Pink vestments?

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