Saint of the Week (8/11/13 – 8/17/13)

Our saint of the week for this week is………….

St Maximilian Kolbe

Saint Maximilian Kolbe

Feast Day: August 14

Maximilian was born in 1894 in Poland and became a Franciscan. He contracted tuberculosis and, though he recovered, he remained frail all his life. Before his ordination as a priest, Maximilian founded the Immaculata Movement devoted to Our Lady. After receiving a doctorate in theology, he spread the Movement through a magazine entitled “The Knight of the Immaculata” and helped form a community of 800 men, the largest in the world.

Maximilian went to Japan where he built a comparable monastery and then on to India where he furthered the Movement. In 1936 he returned home because of ill health. After the Nazi invasion in 1939, he was imprisoned and released for a time. But in 1941 he was arrested again and sent to the concentration camp at Auschwitz. Read more »

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Biblical Fruits of the Holy Spirit Snack

In  his letter to the Galatians, St. Paul mentions 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit: “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control” (Galatians 5:22-23).  Traditionally, there are 4 more: goodness, long-suffering, humility or gentleness, modesty, and chastity. The fruits are the product of the gifts of the Holy Spirit which are: wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, knowledge,  piety, and fear of the Lord.

During Vacation Bible School a few years back, when the theme was the Sacraments, one of the snacks was “The Fruits of the Holy Spirit”. Each fruit corresponds with a fruit of the Holy Spirit. (I can only remember the actual fruits for the Biblical Fruits of the Holy Spirit, so there are only nine fruits listed.)

The real fruits and their corresponding counterparts are:


LOVE -Strawberry – (Fruit of love, shaped like a heart)


JOY -Pineapple – (Think of the happy smell)


PEACE -Watermelon – (Piece of….play on words)


PATIENCE – Lemon – (Have to eat is slowly)


KINDNESS -Grapes – (Are normally shared)


GOODNESS – Banana – (Child’s favorite fruit)


FAITHFULNESS – Cherry – (Two stay together on a stem.)


GENTLENESS – Peach – (Have to be “kind” with the peach or it will get bruised)


SELF-CONTROL – Apple – (Garden of Eden)

You put a couple slices of each fruit (you don’t HAVE to use a real lemon; fruit snacks can substitute for that) onto a plate, and Voila! You have a snack comprised of the “fruits” of the Holy Spirit!


If you remember which real fruits correspond with the 4 Fruits I left out, please comment below. 🙂

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Saint of the Week (8/4/13 – 8/10/13)

Our Saint of the Week for this week is…………..

Saint Edith Stein (Sr. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross)

Feast Day: August 9

(Since she made clear to me that she wanted to be my patron saint (that story is told here), it would make sense that she would be our Saint of the Week.) 🙂

Edith Stein was born in 1891 in Breslau, Poland, and was the youngest child of a large Jewish family. She was an exceptionally outstanding student, and loved philosophy, but she was particularly interested in Phenomenology. ( The study of finding the truth through the study of things around us) Edith attended Frieburg University for her higher studies under Professor Edmund Husserl, a renowned phenomenologist. She received her doctorate in philosophy summa cum laude in 1917. She later became the assistant of Prof. Husserl.

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Saint of the Week (7/28/13 – 8/3/13)

We are starting a new weekly series, called (You guessed it) “Saint of the Week”. Every Monday, Dei Gratia (By the Grace of God), we will post a new article on the Saint whose feast day is that week. We will try to mix it up, by featuring some Saints who are well known, and some Saints who may not be as famous. Without further ado, here is our 1st Saint of the Week:

St. Ignatius of Loyola (Founder of the Jesuits)

Feast Day: July 31


Ignatius was born Iñigo in the family castle located in Guipúzcoa, Spain. The youngest of 13 children, he joined the Spanish army in 1517, and spent the next few years fighting the French. In 1521, while leading the defense of Pamplona against the french, a cannon ball smashed into his right shin, breaking it. He was taken to his father’s castle of Loyola, where he had been born. After undergoing a painful operation involving his leg being re-broken, set, and having to have a protruding bone sawed off, Iñigo was confined to his bed. Bored, he requested a book – a tale of knightly adventures, one that would please him the most. When such a book could not be found in the castle, he had to content himself to reading a book about the saints and their miracles, and another about the life of Christ. At first, these works pleased him little, but gradually he began to dream of a different kind of glory than human fame – Iñigo began to dream of the glory won by the saints in their service to Christ.
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A Blog Button…

It took me an hour, but by the grace of God I finally succeed in creating a blog button by using Pic Monkey.

The button is a square collage of some of the images in our header (That’s why they may have looked familiar.) I love that picture of Father holding up the Monstrance, with the waving Flag in the background. And the  saint on top of Mary is St. Thomas Aquinas, Patron Saint of Catholic Schools, Scholars, and School in General. I thought he deserved to be up there, being patron saint of Catholic Schools and all…

For all my non-blogger friends, a blog button is a designed image that, when clicked on, links back to your blog. As you can see on the sidebar, there is a widget that says “Share your love by linking to us”. Underneath, there is a form with a bunch of HTML code on it. Whoever wants to “Share the love” inserts this code into the “Links” section of their blog, and my Catholic Homeschool Kids blog button appears, without the messy code underneath. It’s easier to understand if I just show you: Read more »

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An Exposition of Sacred Relics

This past Monday, we had the opportunity to attend an Exposition of Sacred Relics at St. Mary Magdalen Parish in Everett. Treasures of the Church is a ministry of evangelization of the Catholic Church. It is run by Fr. Carlos Martins of the Companions of the Cross, and its purpose is to give people an experience of the living God through an encounter with the relics of His saints in the form of an exposition.

The Exposition began with a presentation by Fr. Martins on the Church’s use of relics that is scriptural, catechetical, and devotional. He then concluded with the story of St. Maria Goretti, and how she, in forgiving her attacker, chose to become a saint. She followed God and He in turn used her to be a light for the world. It is amazing, that even at 11, she was willing to die, rather than give into sin.  Also, her mother was the only parent in the history of the church to be present at their child’s Canonization.

After the presentation, we went downstairs into the hall, where over 160 relics were being exposed. Among them were relics of:
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Vatican Express VBS – Day 5

Catholic Vatican Express VBS Bus

Today we had our fifth (and last) day of The Vatican Express VBS. The virtue of the day was Zeal, and the Saint of the Day was Bl. John Paul II.

At Music, the kids practiced all the songs they learned during the week.

At Fun and Games,
they had a quiz on St. Jerome.

At Crafts, they made monstrances. They did this by coloring in a picture of Jesus, gluing it into the inside of a clear plastic plate, then gluing a paper doily over it. They then decorated the plate with sequins and gems. Finally, they took the top portion of  a plastic margarita glass (with the bottoms removed), and glued the stem to the plate. When you hold up the monstrance to the light, you can see the image of Jesus.

Monstrance Craft

Snack today was Pentecost Sundaes. (Cute huh?) After snack, the kids played Jesus Says.

Finally, at the Faith station, they watched the Veggie Tales Movie “Gideon: Tuba Warrior.

After that, they performed 5 of the songs that they learned during the week.

It was a great week of the Vatican Express VBS!


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